Lightweight Sheet Piles for Fast and Cost-Effective Project Completion

Meever Konnections provides a range of high grade MBO and IBO profile lightweight sheet piles. Our selection is sure to exceed project requirements while offering impressive pile drivability and best lead time.

If you require non-standard lengths or special interlocks, we have an in-house designer allowing us to offer a project engineering and design service. We have the logistics capability to deliver steel directly from production.

With our experience serving government departments and major civil engineering companies, you can rely on us to provide project-optimising solutions for your requirements.

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Why Choose a Lightweight Sheet Piles?

Lightweight sheet pile is also called Omega type or Hat sheet pile. It offers strength, speed and flexibility, making it cost-efficient for virtually all temporary and permanent works.It has a wide application such as shoring, retaining walls for residential buildings, deadman walls, flood irrigation, dewatering, erosion prevention, petrol station.

The advantages of lightweight sheet piles:

  • thin thickness, light weight, extended the width
  • continuous web in sheet piling wall
  • can be handled and installed with small hammer or rig
  • highly cost-effective

MK steel has stocks of lightweight sheet pile in our various yards in Australia. We offer both cold-formed and hot-rolled sheet piles to meet varying requirements, particularly in interlocks. We have MBO sheet piles and IBO profile. You can find the sizes of the lightweight sheet pile in the links below.

Delivery Details

We have access to stocks that are spread out over Europe and other countries to offer the best cost-effective options available to our customers, which means our delivery times can be very short. 

Manufactured to Steel Specifications

Additionally, all our hot-rolled lightweight sheet piles are supplied according to EN 10248-1 and EN 10248-2 and with the specifications:”S240GP, S270GP, S355GP, S430GP” in accordance with EN 10204 and with a factory certificate 3.1 or 3.2(on request).

Manufacturing length

Our hot-rolled lightweight sheet piles can be supplied from stock at lengths of up to 31 meters. For even longer lengths, we can supply from production to meet your demands.


  • Available from stock
  • Available at various thicknesses
  • Can be used for the heaviest sheet pile constructions