Trench Piles

Trench Piles

Trench sheet pile is also called overlap pile, different from other types of sheet pile, this profile has no clutch. It’s lightweight and easy to install.

Designed and engineered to meet the needs of the construction sector, our trench sheet piles offer a high strength to weight ratio. For installers, this means relatively long lengths can be expertly driven into place with minimal risk of damage. This also translates into safety for everyone in the vicinity, particularly those working in the trenches.

Our trench sheet pile is versatile and can be used for permanent and temporary applications. For those looking to boost their green practices, our trench sheet pile can be extracted easily, encouraging the reuse of the material and sustainable construction.

Explore our range and find the perfect trench sheet pile for your project. You can also contact us for a free quote and consultation.

Trench sheet pile
Trench sheet pile specification
Trench Pile
PRODUCTWidth aHeight hThickness tWeight Single Pile Weight per wallMoment of Inertia Section Modulus
Standard: EN10249(mm)(mm)(mm)(kg/m)(kg/m2)(cm4/m)(cm3/m)
SLT-330x36x3.5330363.5 11.72 35.5 86 48
SLT-330x37x4 330 37 4 13.4 40.6 99 55
SLT-400x36x3 400 36 3 11.71 29.3 73 48
SLT 400x37x440037415.6399862
SLT 600x78x660078638.163.6705194