Hot-Rolled Z Piles

Quality Z Sheet Piles for Improved Watertightness

Meever Konnection supplies hot-rolled ESZ and MKZ Z sheet piles in a wide variety of sizes, weight and steel grade. We have both new mill piles and excellent quality used stock in our yards across Australia, allowing us to respond quickly to urgent or emergency piling requirements. With our wide logistic network, we can quickly mobilise and deliver your requirements to anywhere in Australia after confirming your order.

As a leading supplier of Z piles, we have worked with government transportation and roads departments, marine ports and airport authorities and a wide range of construction companies. We have the experience and expertise to help you shorten your project’s lead time as well as maximise your resources. With our in-house designers, we provide a project engineering and designing service.

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Z Sheet pile

Z sheet pile refers to a single profile shaped like a stretched Z. This profile is continuous through the web, and the interlocks of the pile are located symmetrically on both sides as far away from the neutral axis as possible. Both factors create a positive effect on the section modulus for the sheet pile. Z sheet piles are traditionally driven as crimped double piles.

The advantage of Z pile:

  • High moment of inertia to limit deflection
  • High bending moment resistance
  • Continuous web
  • high-cost efficiency result from high modulus section and relatively low weight

Compared to standard U profile sheets, Z sheet piles offer greater system width, providing reduced handling and installation time. Using Z piles also reduces the number of interlocks per meter run of a wall, offering enhanced water tightness.

MK Steel provide a large range of Hot rolled and cold rolled Z pile, please check our data sheet in the links below.

ESZ – Z Profile

Delivery Details

We have access to stocks that are spread out over Europe and other countries to offer the best cost-effective options available to our customers, which means our delivery times can be very short. 

Manufactured to Steel Specifications

Additionally, all our hot-rolled sheet piles are supplied according to EN 10248-1 and EN 10248-2 and with the specifications:”S240GP, S270GP, S355GP, S430GP” in accordance with EN 10204.

Manufacturing length

Our hot-rolled sheet piles can be supplied from stock at lengths of up to 31 meters. For even longer lengths, we can supply from production to meet your demands.


  • Available from stock
  • Available at various thicknesses
  • Can be used for the heaviest sheet pile constructions