Sheet Piles

Meeting Australia’s Varying Demands for Quality Sheet Piles.

Meever Konnection is a leading supplier of sheet piles in Australia. We have new and used sheet piles available in stock, ready for immediate dispatch. Our range includes hot-rolled and cold-formed sheet pilesin Z-shape, U-shape and omega. Having design and engineering capabilities, we can meet your requirements for non-standard specifications. 

Meever Konnection is part of an established international corporation that aims to manufacture and provide comprehensive steel piling solutions. Working with Australia’s infrastructure and construction industries, Meever Konnection aims to be a one-stop-shop for government departments, transport authorities and construction companies.

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Hot-Rolled Sheet Piles

Cold-Formed Sheet Piles

Delivery Details

Meever Konnection offers comprehensive logistics solutions. We have newly milled and quality used stocks in our yards across Australia, Europe, Asia and the US. For you, this means cost-effective options as well as short delivery times. Used U and Z-profile sheets can be shipped immediately after we confirm your order.

Manufactured to Steel Specifications

Cold-formed sheet piles are manufactured in conformance to EN 10249-1, EN10249-2, the cold formed sheet piles can be manufactured to your specified sizeaccording to your needs. Expect sheet piles that fit your exact technical specifications, eliminating the need for redesigning or re-engineering.

The hot-rolled sheet piles are manufactured in according to standard of EN 10248-1, EN 10248-2

Manufacturing length

Both Hot-rolled sheet piles and cold rolled sheet piles can be supplied at any lengths based on the project design requirement. Piles in stock normally in 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m length.


  • We have large stocks across Australia, Europe and in other countries
  • Sheets are available in various lengths and thicknesses
  • Can be used for temporary construction and reused for other projects
  • Suitable for the heaviest sheet pile constructions